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Changing Children's Lives Through Literacy

    Early Literacy

    Helping Your Child Read At Home – Part 1

    How can I help my child with their reading at home? So many parents struggle with this question. The idea of teaching a child to read becomes even...


    From Sesame Street to Hoot Reading

    Since launch, we are often asked how Hoot Reading came to be. Although we have only been around for about 6 months, the technology that powers Hoot...


    Let’s Hear Those Young Readers Out Loud

    Today I came across an interesting and surprising fact. Up until the late 1600s or 1700s people only read aloud – for an audience, as a social...


    Meet Our Teachers: Ms. Lindsay

    Lindsay Gustafson was one of Hoot Reading’s first teachers. She holds a B.Ed from the University of Alberta, a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma of...


    Back to School Literacy Tips

    It was the first week of July when I began to see Back To School supplies filling up store shelves…I could not believe it! As a teacher trying to...


    Is Your iPad a Friend or Foe This Summer?

    It’s August. August? How did that happen? We are facing a new school year, which as a parent of a 6- and 8-year-old I am simultaneously saddened...

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