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Screen-Time: We Give a Hoot – App Spotlight on Sago Mini

A few weeks ago, we introduced a new series called Screen-Time: We Give a Hoot. This series will highlight apps for children that are high-quality, safe, and fun. Each month, we will highlight a new developer, and learn about their apps, why they made them, and a bit about their companies and them as a person.

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Three Beliefs to Guide Your Reluctant Reader

So, You’ve Got a Reluctant Reader? 

Your daughter comes home from school, hungry, bouncing off the walls, and the last thing she wants to do is open a book. Maybe your son is shy about reading aloud at school because he stumbles through the words and the last thing he wants is to read to you at home and face more corrections. Maybe they sigh and tell you that reading is boring. Whatever your particular scenario, you see a reluctant reader in your house. I’ve got good news for you – I’m here to help!

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Reading And Responding to Report Cards

The day the report card comes home can bring a mix of emotions for everyone, with a range of everything from celebration and pride, to stress and disappointment. Unfortunately, there can also be a lot of misunderstanding about what exactly the report card is saying.

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Screen-Time: We Give a Hoot

Screen-Time. It’s one of the most hotly debated topics in early childhood. How much time is too much? At what age is it ok? How do I make decisions about what my child can and can’t play.

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Four Ways to Beat The Summer Slide

It’s getting to that time of year where summer is so close, I can practically taste it! It tastes of sunshine, cold sweet treats, play, and a renewed sense of energy. I don’t know about you and your family, but I am beyond over the snow, the constantly dirty car, wearing all the layers, and basically hibernating. Lately, in our schools, from the kids, to the teachers, to the custodians, to the parents at drop-off or pick-up, there is a shared feeling of hardly being able to contain our excitement for summer – especially after all those months of indoor recesses!

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