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Reading with Mom Offers a Special Kind of Magic

This Mothers’ Day, we had the chance to honor the strong moms and female figures in our lives. In all their roles, is there anything mothers can’t do?

This Mother’s Day, we had the chance to honor the strong moms and female figures in our lives. From managing households to keeping businesses running, is there anything mothers can’t do?

Beyond their essential roles in the home and the workplace, mothers are recognized for being vital in the learning and development of children in their formative years. Even the simple routine of reading a book with mom can move mountains for a little one. 

Taking the time to read, especially for young children, is a known positive driver for cognitive development. A University of Chicago study found that it’s not just the amount of time spent with individual reading, but rather the quality of book time that develops better reading skills in kids. Increasing mother and child reading time equates to an increase in the child’s reading achievement test scores. 

The manner by which parents and guardians read to their children also determines how effective book time can be. Research has shown that when parents apply better techniques during reading time, such as discussions and oral reading strategies, their kids earn greater literacy gains. Achievement scores in the test groups showed increases in accuracy, fluency, and reading rate. 

Even as a child enters college, the positive impact of reading with mom at home is evident. A behavioral study on university students found that when their moms have good reading habits, and when they guide their kids in reading at an early age, these young learners develop better emotional intelligence which they carry on into adulthood. 

Settling down with a good book at bedtime may seem like a simple daily activity, but its remarkable effects on children’s well-being are proven and long-lasting. Moms, never stop being the bright light in every home. You truly make a difference with your own kind of magic. 

Happy Mother’s Day!


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