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Changing Children's Lives Through Literacy


    Tips for A Successful School Year

    Change is never easy, but there are some preparations and routines that can help your child experience as much success as possible this school year....


    5 Ways to Help Kids Master Test Taking

    While tests may seem like a breeze to some kids, to others it can be a downright nightmare. There are things you can do at home though to make test...


    Meet Our Teachers: Ms. Eileen

    Did you know that all of our Hoot teachers are real classroom teachers? In this week's Teacher Spotlight, we have the pleasure of introducing you to...


    Strategies to Tackle Homework

    Unfortunately, for a lot of families, homework can bring a lot of added stress and conflict into the evening routine, but it doesn’t have to! This...


    How to Boost Confidence in Young Readers

    For some of our children, they will be born with an intrinsic love for the written word, however, struggling or resistant readers might have to be...


    Should Your Child Read Graphic Novels?

    Hoot Teacher, Ms. Sara, often receives questions from parents about whether or not graphic novels are beneficial to reading development. In this...


    Preparing Your Child For School

    Whether you're a seasoned pro with school-aged children or this will be your first year with Kindergarten drop-offs, we’ve got your back with some...

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