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Changing Children's Lives Through Literacy

    Education Technology

    6 Benefits of One-to-One Tutoring

    We understand that children’s reading abilities vary, and all kids learn differently. This is where one-to-one tutoring comes in.

    Early Literacy

    Illiterate: Why this word can be damaging

    When a child is unable to read, we should veer away from the term,, “illiterate.” Young learners, whether able or unable to read, all go through a...

    Summer Activities

    Family Activities for Fun Summer Weekends

    Parents, need ideas on fun places to go with the family? Check out these weekend summer activities for the whole gang to enjoy.

    News & Events

    A Father’s Day Message from Hoot Reading

    We can never put into words the magnitude of impact a dad can make in our lives. Father's Day is a time to celebrate all dads and father figures.

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