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Hoot Reading Launches ‘Hoot for Companies’ Corporate Benefit

What a year it has been. Over the pandemic, as offices and schools shifted to operating remotely, we saw a complete shake-up in the way we live our lives. Most parents — ourselves included– found themselves sharing an at-home office with their children, while simultaneously managing their kids’ daily schedules, most notably their kids’ online schooling. As a result, many working parents found it nearly impossible to keep up with the demands of their jobs in addition to the needs of their children at home. Feelings of needing to be ‘always on’ with the invisible boundaries of work and home caused stress and anguish and burnout became a very real thing for working parents.

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I (Don’t) Love to Read Month (3 min read)

“The Reality is that each new reader – that is, each child – must build a wholly new reading circuit. Our children can form a very simple circuit for learning to read, and acquire a basic level of decoding, or they can go on to develop highly elaborated reading circuits and add more and more sophisticated intellectual processes over time.”

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Is My Child Behind? Hoot Helps You Answer This Question

Have you subtly compared your child to others and wondered if your child could be doing better? It happens easily.  Maybe you run into another parent at the store and catch wind that their kid is reading several grade levels ahead.  Maybe you overhear praise for a student who has just excelled at the science fair and is moving on to regional competitions. Maybe a relative has hinted that your child seems behind compared to what you accomplished as a child.  Whatever the source, the question is nagging at you. Is my child behind? 

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3 Ways to Make Homeschooling More Manageable During The Pandemic

Yes, this is really happening. And yet, at least once a day I find myself in a moment of hazy denial. If I don’t look at the news, I can almost forget that a pandemic is taking place. I feel extremely fortunate that it hasn’t yet affected me personally, and I can barely imagine the depth of the fear and grief experienced by those in the midst of this long dark wait. I have family and friends all over the globe and know that each one of them is having a vastly different experience. The haze of denial doesn’t last long.

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How to Encourage and Grow a Love of Reading

Our children sometimes face experiences where they are not able to able to make choices. School systems for example, make decisions on what literature our children will be exposed to with sometimes mixed reviews. Growing a love for reading starts with showing your children how reading is part of your everyday life. Modeling the behaviour you want your children to display goes a long way in influencing their actions. Also, thinking of new and creative ways to add reading into your family’s life encourages connections that will continue to affect your child’s academic ability. 

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Anna and Otis Reading Comprehension Activity

One of the best ways to engage little readers on a cold, blustery day is to work on their reading comprehension. By picking out a good book that sparks their interest, and incorporating a few questions about the content, you will start to see the wheels turning and your child think more critically about what they’re reading.

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