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    How to Deal With a Bad Report Card

    One of the most trying times for students and parents can arise around the dissemination of report cards. Students receive report cards multiple...


    How to Encourage and Grow a Love of Reading

    Growing a love for reading starts early with showing your children how reading is part of everyday life. By modeling the behaviour you want your...

    at home reading worksheet

    Winter Reading Activity For Kids

    Beat the winter blah's with Hoot Reading's latest reading comprehension activity. Using winter themed books, and a worksheet focused on the five...

    How to be a Reading Role Model

    If the suggestion of reading gets a collective yawn in your household, this week's blog post is for you! We're sharing ways to create a positive...


    Tips for A Successful School Year

    Change is never easy, but there are some preparations and routines that can help your child experience as much success as possible this school year....


    How to Boost Confidence in Young Readers

    For some of our children, they will be born with an intrinsic love for the written word, however, struggling or resistant readers might have to be...


    Whimsical Summer Reads

    There is a way to maintain academic skills AND let your kids enjoy their summer break. Hoot Teacher Ms. Karla is sharing a few ideas to incorporate...

    a love of reading

    Reading Is an Act of Love

    Hoot Teacher Ms. Karla dives a bit deeper into literacy and shares her thoughts on the keys to providing a successful environment for readers to grow...

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