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    Self-Care During the Holidays

    The holidays can be a really stressful, often overwhelming time for many. Even though it may seem impossible during this busy season, this, of all...


    The Importance of Assessments

    Let's break down the confusion surrounding assessments and discuss what is measured, why they're important, and how they're used to support young...


    Strategies to Tackle Homework

    Unfortunately, for a lot of families, homework can bring a lot of added stress and conflict into the evening routine, but it doesn’t have to! This...


    Should Your Child Read Graphic Novels?

    Hoot Teacher, Ms. Sara, often receives questions from parents about whether or not graphic novels are beneficial to reading development. In this...


    Preparing Your Child For School

    Whether you're a seasoned pro with school-aged children or this will be your first year with Kindergarten drop-offs, we’ve got your back with some...


    Reading And Responding to Report Cards

    When it comes to staying up to date on your child’s progress in school, and knowing how to best support them, the report card can provide a lot of...


    Four Ways to Beat The Summer Slide

    It is estimated that struggling readers who don’t engage in reading over the summer lose 2 months of progress in their reading achievement. Hoot...

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