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    Anna and Otis Reading Comprehension Activity

    One of the best ways to engage little readers on a cold, blustery day is to work on their reading comprehension. Hoot Reading Teacher, Ms. Elizabeth,...


    11 Holiday Books For Kids

    We've rounded up 11 of our favourite holiday books for kids that cover a variety of holidays celebrated in the winter months, including Hanukkah, the...


    5 Ways to Help Kids Master Test Taking

    While tests may seem like a breeze to some kids, to others it can be a downright nightmare. There are things you can do at home though to make test...


    Three Beliefs to Guide Your Reluctant Reader

    Do you have a reluctant reader in your house? Have no fear! Hoot teacher, Ms. Elizabeth, shares three core beliefs that can help you guide your...


    Reading Activities For Parents – Rhyming Bingo

    If you want to work on reading at home, but are stuck for ideas, we've created an easy reading game that you can print out and play with your kids...

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