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Carly Shuler

I (Don’t) Love to Read Month (3 min read)

“The Reality is that each new reader – that is, each child – must build a wholly new reading circuit. Our children can form a very simple circuit for learning to read, and acquire a basic level of decoding, or they can go on to develop highly elaborated reading circuits and add more and more sophisticated intellectual processes over time.”

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Screen-Time: We Give a Hoot

Screen-Time. It’s one of the most hotly debated topics in early childhood. How much time is too much? At what age is it ok? How do I make decisions about what my child can and can’t play.

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From Sesame Street to Hoot Reading

Since launch, we are often asked how Hoot Reading came to be. Although we have only been around for about 6 months, the technology that powers Hoot has actually been in the works for almost a decade (!) and has strong basis in research from none other than Sesame Street. Yup, the same Sesame Street that Big Bird and his friends live on.

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Is Your iPad a Friend or Foe This Summer?

It’s August. August? How did that happen? We are facing a new school year, which as a parent of a 6- and 8-year-old I am simultaneously saddened about (where has the time gone?) and relieved by (these kids need to get back to school!).

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