Take the Reading Pledge and Stop the Summer Slide

Take our Summer Slide Reading Pledge and keep reading top of mind this summer.

A Message from Our Co-Founders

“We, as parents ourselves and as entrepreneurs who are passionate about raising confident readers, are asking you and your child to take our Summer Slide Reading Pledge and keep reading top of mind this summer. When you have friends or family to join you in building a new routine, we know the success in sticking to it is higher. So, let’s band together, share fun ways to keep our kids reading to help to keep our intention on education on track, while also keeping our kids motivated.” – Maya and Carly

We at Hoot Reading have hopped on thousands of learning journeys together with our readers. Throughout every lesson, we have come to understand the various needs of our Hoot Families. We detected noticeable differences in performance between kids who have a summer reading routine and those who don’t. This issue is known as the Summer Slide. We have found that a consistent reading routine is a way to combat that learning loss. 

Reading may seem like a simple act, but it certainly has an immeasurable impact. 

Taking the time to read a page or two, even for a few minutes a day, stimulates young minds. It can spark imagination and build confidence – just like any other summer activity that kids love. Even when school is out, reading can be a worthwhile pastime that brings forth endless possibilities. 

With this in mind, Hoot Reading is excited to launch the Summer Slide Reading Pledge. Our team is pledging to read at least 15 minutes a day this summer to avoid the summer slide. Take the time to settle down with a novel, an e-book, or even a comic – whatever you and your child prefer. By raising awareness and promoting reading this summer, we are encouraging our community to discover magic in every book page.

Happy reading!

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