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Hoot Reading Shown to Increase Children’s Reading Achievement Over Video Chat

Study Indicates That Intentional Instructional Design, Delivered Over Video Chat, Can be Impactful in Improving Literacy

Winnipeg, MB (March 27, 2020) — At a moment in time when teachers, parents, policymakers and consumers are questioning how digital media might promote literacy instead of undermining it, this study set out to examine the efficacy of Hoot Reading, an online tutoring program that connects kids to real classroom teachers, for personalized reading lessons over a video chat application, designed specifically for guided reading.

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Hoot Reading Unveils Reading Enrichment Program

Online Literacy Service Launches Innovative, After-School Reading Enrichment Program, For Students in Grades 1-4. 

Winnipeg, MB (March 10, 2020) — Hoot Reading, a rapidly growing literacy service that connects kids to real classroom teachers for personalized, online reading lessons, has announced the launch of a new program – Hoot Enrich. Hoot Enrich is specifically designed for children in grades 1-4 who are reading at or above grade level. The research-based program will enhance skills in reading fluency, comprehension, critical thinking, and vocabulary, as well as increase confidence and create an elevated learning experience that will carry over to their traditional classroom or learning environment.

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