Hoot Reading Unveils Reading Enrichment Program

Online Literacy Service Launches Innovative, After-School Reading Enrichment Program, For Students in Grades 1-4. 

Winnipeg, MB (March 10, 2020) — Hoot Reading, a rapidly growing literacy service that connects kids to real classroom teachers for personalized, online reading lessons, has announced the launch of a new program – Hoot Enrich. Hoot Enrich is specifically designed for children in grades 1-4 who are reading at or above grade level. The research-based program will enhance skills in reading fluency, comprehension, critical thinking, and vocabulary, as well as increase confidence and create an elevated learning experience that will carry over to their traditional classroom or learning environment.

“Grades one through four is such a critical period of time in a child’s academic journey, when they prepare to make the jump from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’,” said Carly Shuler, CEO and Co-Founder of Hoot Reading. “When people think of enrichment, they don’t often think of reading; however, reading is the most important skill that we should strengthen for our children in the early years. Hoot Enrich gives children the skills, confidence, and quite frankly, the edge they need to heighten their educational experience.” 

“In a recent study that we completed with Susan B. Neuman, Professor of Childhood Education and Literacy Development at NYU, we found that kids who did Hoot Reading advanced reading skills 152% more than kids who did not,” said Maya Kotecha, COO and Co-Founder of Hoot Reading.  “We are thrilled to say with confidence, our program works and delivers real results in reading development and education.” 

The Hoot Enrich program is customized for each individual child, with highly skilled classroom teachers, trained in Hoot’s enrichment curriculum. The program is most suitable for kids in grades 1-4, who are looking to accelerate and broaden reading skills. 

Learn more about Hoot Enrich by visiting www.hootreading.com/enrich.

About Hoot Reading

Hoot Reading is a leader in reading education, offering personalized after-school lessons that can be completed online on an iPad, from the comfort of home. Hoot connects kids with experienced classroom teachers, to practice reading over a proprietary video chat App, which was designed based on a research project at Sesame Workshop (the creators of Sesame Street). Their customized reading programs – Hoot Enrich, Hoot Tutor, and Hoot Junior – are designed to ensure that all readers (of any age or level) receive the attention and help they deserve. Their mission is to close the gap on the 4th grade reading slump and help ALL kids learn to read. 

Visit www.hootreading.com to learn more.  

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Alyssa Pitura
Senior Manager of Marketing
Hoot Reading