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Summer Hootcamps: Kickstart the Season for Learning and Fun

As summer brings in sports meets, family getaways, and relaxing sunny days, the time is also ideal to stay on track with reading goals.

Ending the school year doesn’t mean saying goodbye to learning. As summer brings in sports meets, family getaways, and relaxing sunny days, the time is also ideal to stay on track with reading goals. 

During summer breaks, many kids tend to fall behind by up to two months on their reading, in what the education sector calls the Summer Slide. Some learners experience a setback and are unable to be at par with their peers, causing them to be frustrated and to lose confidence with reading.

To remedy this, Summer Hootcamps are here to help you plan an enriching and fun-filled reading routine for your kids. Each Hootcamp runs for a week, with lessons taking place Mondays to Fridays, set at the same time with the same teacher each day. You can pick the week(s) that work best for your family’s summer schedule.

Plus, Summer Hootcamps open up something new for learners to explore every week. Check out our fun, exclusive themes, with curated book lists to spark the interest of readers from K to Grade 6. 

Summer Hootcamp Themes

  • Resilient Me! (K to Grade 6) – Social and emotional development is essential to success in school and in life. In this Hootcamp, teachers will focus on topics like managing feelings, empathy, and forming positive relationships. Leveled books cover resiliency, self awareness, growth mindset, and facing challenges with a positive attitude!
  • Sports Stars (K to Grade 6) – This Hootcamp series is perfect for little sports fans! Your child will learn about different types of sports, athletes from around the world, what it takes to be a sports star, and how to be a team player in an organized game! Sportsmanship, grit, and practice are themes woven into this camp.
  • Travel the World from Home (K to Grade 6) – What would it be like to travel the world through books? This set of themed and levelled texts let children explore cities and places, cultures and traditions, sights and sounds, all in the comfort of their own home.  

Special Summer Hootcamps

As a bonus, Hoot Reading has additional options for a more rewarding learning experience. You can select a Personalized Summer Hootcamp that is finetuned to your child’s preferences. From our vast library of titles on animals, space, technology, music, and more – there are endless stories to discover. This Hootcamp is also available in French (prior knowledge of French required).

You can also hone in on numeracy with the Math Booster Summer Hootcamp for kids Pre-K to Grade 6. Sharpen math skills and have fun with numbers with every interactive and stimulating session. It’s a cool way to get counting!

Truly, quality enrichment programs like Summer Hootcamps are ideal supplements to combat the effects of the Summer Slide. Now, more than ever, is a great time to keep the learning momentum going. Don’t miss the chance to start off the break with our fun and engaging programs. We can’t wait to start reading with you! 

To learn more about Summer Hootcamps, click here.

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