Students Are Reading Below Level and Here’s What We Can Do

NAEP recently released reading scores of grades 4 and 8 students. Comparing 2019 versus 2022, figures have significantly dropped across the country.

The National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP), a.k.a. The Nation’s Report Card, recently released the reading scores of grades 4 and 8 students. With comparisons of 2019 versus 2022 scores, figures have significantly dropped across the country.

Pre-pandemic research shows that 2 out of 3 fourth graders read below grade level. While the latest NAEP stats may look startling, they only underscore the unprecedented impact the pandemic has had on learning over the past few years. We hope these figures don't send parents into panic mode; kids are resilient and, together, we can help them catch up and keep up so they can take on the world. Now is the time that students are calling for help, and Hoot Reading is here to answer.

Rather than panicking that our kids are behind, let’s use this data as a wake-up call to action. If learning opportunities are lost, they can be recovered. But we can’t say the same for time - so what are we waiting for?

What Can We Do? 

Let’s be real: this was somewhat expected. Over two years of disruptive online and offline learning, we knew our kids were at risk of falling behind. But despite these challenges, it’s amazing to see how quickly our kids can bounce back, and how they see every day as an opportunity to keep moving forward.

Now is the time to jump start and accelerate our children’s learning. When it comes to reading, one of the most effective ways for kids to close their literacy gaps is through one-to-one reading practice with an adult at least 5 times a week for about 15-20 minutes.

How Hoot Reading Can Help

Hoot Reading makes reading practice accessible and fun for students through our high-impact learning experiences with experienced teachers. We see the benefits of one-to-one tutoring on a daily basis, and have proven impact in just 12-15 lessons. Powered by instruction informed by the Science of Reading, we offer educator-led programs to ensure that every child can learn to read proficiently.

Our evidence-based teaching strategies are proven to improve kids’ reading scores by up to 152% compared to those who don’t use Hoot. And through the Hoot Reading Teacher Network, every student gets the chance to work with an expert for individualized support to build their skills and boost their confidence.

Hoot Reading also partners with school districts across North America, delivering high-dosage tutoring lessons to emerging readers before, during, and after school hours. School administrators, teachers, and parents have been beyond impressed with the reading gains of children who joined our program. Administrators and teachers are more able to balance their work with the supplementary instruction Hoot Reading provides, and parents see a noticeable change in their children’s attitudes towards reading. Through our school partnerships, we are able to reach more children with learning support and provide more equitable access to help to kids who really need it.

Our co-founders, Carly and Maya, share, “We believe that helping a child become proficient at reading unlocks their potential, and every child deserves that opportunity.” Through partnerships like school districts, we are able to create those opportunities and, in light of the NAEP data, we know our mission is more critical than ever.

By stepping up and creating more opportunities to bridge the learning gap, and by using innovative approaches to targeted instruction, we can regain some lost ground for our earliest learners. Especially when all sectors – parents, educators, admin, and more – collaborate, we believe we can truly make a difference in the lives of children.  

Learn more about our Hoot Reading Programs.

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