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Should My Child Read This Book?

Media has changed significantly and children are exposed to more graphic and mature visuals, language, and subject matter. It’s important to be aware of these changes and help children navigate their world, always encouraging curiosity and a love for reading while being cognizant of topics that may cause confusion, fear, or stress.

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What Does It All Mean? The Importance of Reading Comprehension

“Mommy, Daddy, listen to me read this book!” These are magical words to hear from our children. Kindergarten and first grade teachers are thrilled when students read their first book independently. While this is very exciting news and big cause to celebrate, remember that being able to “decode” the words is only one part of the reading experience

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Let’s Hear Those Young Readers Out Loud

Today I came across an interesting and surprising fact. Up until the late 1600s or 1700s people only read aloud – for an audience, as a social activity, for amusement, as orators. It wasn’t until advances in printing and moveable type occurred that reading to one’s self became more acceptable and not considered unsociable or downright rude.

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