A Salute to Educators this World Teachers’ Day 2022

October 5 is World Teachers’ Day! Today, we recognize the impact of teachers across the globe and celebrate them for all that they do.

October 5 is World Teachers’ Day! Today, we recognize the impact of teachers across the globe and celebrate them for all that they do, including providing quality education to the leaders of tomorrow.

For 2022, the UNESCO theme for World Teachers’ Day is: “The transformation of education begins with teachers.” We know the value of teachers, and we also know that their journeys haven’t always been smooth-sailing. A hot topic in the news lately is staffing shortages, which usually happen when teachers are feeling burned out or might not be receiving the support they need relative to their workload, resulting in leaving the workforce (even temporarily). 

With learning recovery as a top priority in addition to teaching regular coursework, teachers are facing an uphill battle to get their classrooms back on track.  As a result, student’s quality of education could suffer, and this has an outsized impact on struggling learners who need attention the most. 

One way to bounce back and to build more resilient education systems is by empowering the frontliners – our teachers.  We aim to reduce burnout for classroom teachers by taking some of the pressure off. With our programs, whether they take place in school or at home, we hope to support teachers by ensuring their students can perform better and enjoy school even more. 

At Hoot Reading, we are thankful to have strong educators on our side. The Hoot Reading Teacher Network has over 500 teacher members – and still growing! We ensure that each educator is onboarded and supported with the best tools to effectively tutor and assess their students with our technology. Our goal is to support classroom teachers by giving their students one-to-one attention that supplement in-school instruction - we know that all teachers would love to give their students individual attention, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day! 

Hoot Reading is also a great side hustle option for teachers that is fun, rewarding, and can be done at your convenience. With flexible lesson times that work around teachers’ busy schedules, they can work in the comforts of home and continue to make an impact for children across North America. 

We love Hoot’s teachers - and it shows! Here’s what one teacher from our network told us recently:

"I cannot say enough about the support I have received from everyone at Hoot. The staff has been timely, supportive, and helpful. Thank you for taking the time to make me feel welcome. I love my students and I am grateful for this opportunity."

Interested in becoming a Hoot Reading Teacher? We’re looking for experienced individuals who share the same passion for literacy as we do. This is a great opportunity to be an agent of change in advancing literacy for kids. Click here to learn more.

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