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Advancing Literacy for Families

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We have partnered with How To Homeschool to provide free literacy resources and a 20% discount on the first month of membership. To access your discount, please use "HOMESCHOOL20" when signing up.
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Families receive a 20% discount on their first month of Hoot tutoring programs

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Free Resources

Hoot Reading is happy to provide free evidence-based literacy activities and exclusive discounts. Sign-up to access your free monthly resource or check out a couple of the resources below.

Blending Sounds

Blending is about sounding out the individual sounds (called phonemes) in a word and then putting those sounds together quickly and smoothly to read them as a word.

Print out this quick activity or view it on your tablet.

Decodable Books

Decodables show purposeful, repeated practice with certain types of words to ensure your child can learn the many sound-spelling correspondences required to break down the words they’ll find in different content areas, in school and beyond!

Learn more and download five free decodable books.

Songs for Early Readers

Early readers need to be able to identify and manipulate individual sounds, This skill is called phonemic awareness.

Songs can be a fun and engaging way to help your child develop this important reading skill through listening.

Check out this fun sing-a-long playlist on Spotify.