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About Hoot For Companies

Hoot For Companies is a research-based benefit for working parents that provides 1:1 online tutoring, with real classroom teachers.

Research confirms that children have fallen up to a year behind due to disruptive learning, leaving parents overwhelmed and desperate for educational resources that support learning recovery. Many parents (especially working mothers) are being forced to reconsider their careers or leave the workforce entirely to deal with the added stress and responsibility. Those that remain must try to navigate remote learning, working from home, and academic learning loss - a nearly impossible challenge.

Hoot For Companies directly supports the working parent population, impacting wellbeing, employee engagement, retention, and loyalty.

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"We adopted our daughter from foster care a couple of years ago when she was eight years old. She has been at least a couple of grade levels behind in reading for the past several years. Just last week she was tested again and tested almost a year ahead of her reading level. This was in part due to the Hoot Reading program and daily work. Thank you for the program and dedication!"
"This program made a huge difference in helping our son catch up in reading. Having patient, capable teachers work with him gave me confidence and let me know I had one less thing “to do” on Hoot days. I love reading and do not relate well to my son’s learning differences and it meant a lot that my company was providing a service to help working parents like myself during such a chaotic time."
"My four-and-a-half-year-old son has been out of school since March due to COVID. My older son taught himself to read when he was three, so I have NO experience with how to teach a child to read. I had anticipated just leaving it up to his Kindergarten teacher next year. Last night I read a book with my four-and-a-half-year-old and he was able to read half the words in the book independently. Hoot has been a game-changer for our family."

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